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Whether you're a novice enjoying an easy ride, or a seasoned snowmobiler, the last thing you want when your out there in the snow is to be bogged down in deep powder digging and pulling your way out. So, don't waste time and energy digging or pulling. Powder-Jack is a lightweight, easy to use hand jack that not only saves you time on the trail, but it saves your back as well! It's simple to mount and easy to use.

Our original, ever-popular Powder-Jack PJ-M3 has a total weight of 4.75 lbs and a compact 4 3/4” jack mechanism. The grooved insets allow the trip plates to move in a smooth lifting motion to effortlessly raise your sled out of the powder. The PJ-M3 is currently offered in powdercoated red or mill finish. The PJ-M3 is one of the most reasonably priced snow jacks on the market at only $174.95! PURCHASE ONE TODAY!

The Powder-Jack is affordable, light-weight and keeps your mind on having fun instead of of worrying about getting stuck! Our Product is 100% American Made!

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